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  • Disaster Monitoring Constellation — The Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC) consists of a number of remote sensing satellites constructed by Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) and operated for the Algerian, Nigerian, Turkish, British and Chinese governments by DMC… …   Wikipedia

  • Disaster Monitoring Constellation — Saltar a navegación, búsqueda El Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC) consiste de cinco satélites construidos por Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) y operado por los gobiernos argelino, nigeriano, turco, británico y chino por DMC… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Список космических запусков в 2003 году — Список орбитальных запусков, произведённых в 2003 году. Дата (UTC) Стартовый комплекс Ракета носитель NSSDC ID Имя КА Тип 06.01 14:19 …   Википедия

  • Mars Express — CG image of Mars Express Operator ESA Mission type Orbiter + Lander Satellite of …   Wikipedia

  • Spitzer Space Telescope — The Spitzer Space Telescope prior to launch General information NSSDC ID 2003 038A …   Wikipedia

  • Spirit rover — (MER A) Artist s concept of Rover on Mars Operator NASA Mission type Rover Launch date …   Wikipedia

  • Opportunity rover — (MER B) Opportunity in April 2003 Operator NASA Mission type Rover …   Wikipedia

  • Hayabusa — This article is about the spacecraft. For other uses, see Hayabusa (disambiguation). Hayabusa A computer rendering of Hayabusa above Itokawa s surface Operator …   Wikipedia

  • Microvariability and Oscillations of STars telescope — MOST General information NSSDC ID 2003 031D Organization The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) Launch date June 30, 2003 14:15 UTC Launched from …   Wikipedia

  • Control moment gyroscope — A control momentum gyroscope (CMG) is an attitude control device generally used in spacecraft attitude control systems. A CMG consists of a spinning rotor and one or more motorized gimbals that tilt the rotor’s angular momentum. As the rotor… …   Wikipedia

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